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What we're good at: From pure contract filling / refilling, the procurement of raw materials, customised production according to our customers' formulations, to packaging, labeling and shipping – we make sure that your production runs smoothly.

Core Services

Toll manufacturing

  • batch size from 100 to 16,000 kg/l
  • blending
  • dissolving
  • manufacturing
  • procurement support of raw materials:
    solvents, isocyanates, amines, specialities (additives)

Contract Filling / Refilling

  • liquids and pastes
  • from drum to IBC (200 or 1,000 l)
  • 5 ml to 1,000 l-IBC
  • dangerous goods
  • bulk, IBC, drum, can, bottle, sachet, ...
  • foil packing
  • specialist for filling isocyanates and amines using nitrogen

Scale-up / Ramp-up


  • Transfer of laboratory quantities (1 to 20 l/kg) to industrial-scale quantities (100 l/kg).


  • Gradual increase of industrial-scale quantities from 200 l/kg up to tanker levels.

Supporting services


  • all common methods of analysis , e.g.
    colour number (Hayes),
    water content,
    viscosity (Reolab),
    solids content, ...
  • own laboratory on site
  • external laboratory services (e.g. GC, ...)


  • 4 x 40 m3 tank capacity
  • 658 t storage capacity
  • 514 pallet spaces
  • tax suspension in own tax warehouse



Transport / Labeling

  • ADR-compliant handling
  • Full Service Label Design (from technical SDS to standard-compliant label)

Our network

We benefit from the OQEMA Group network

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